Clann Tartan - (reading room)


Clann Tartan Reading Room

  The Reading Room is sort of the online library for Clann Tartan. Here you will find a variety of materials on many different topics. We have tried to organize it a bit to help you best find what you are looking for. The major sections of this area are described below:

Articles of Interest - Here is a directory of research articles written by the members of Clann Tartan on a vast array of topics.

Character Sketches - Character Sketches are the biographies and stories about the characters our Active Members portray when you encounter them in camp.

Camp Life - What did the camp-followers do all day? What did the Scots do for entertainment? This is where you can find out about things like Song & Dance, Food & Cooking, and much more.

Newsletter - All members of Clann Tartan receive a monthly newsletter. Here you can review some of the back issues.

Library - Clann Tartan has a fairly extensive Library for it's members. Find out what's available and how to "check out" the books.