Clann Tartan - (Clayton Gordon)


Clann Tartan Character Sketches

  Clayton Gordon
My name is Clayton Gordon. My older brother is the Captain, James Gordon and my sister is the lovely Eine' Gordon. I have had the most unusual summer.

I was sent to find my sister by my dad. She was always his favorite and he was heart broken when her husband died and she disappeared. What he didn't realize was that she had somehow managed to stumble on to James in her travels. And now, of course, I'm here, too. I did send word to Dad. But, I'm not going back. James and I were both seminary taught. When you're not the first son of a clann chief, there are few choices left to you. Jas and I both couldn't stand the celibate life or the boredom of the seminary. I was ever so grateful for the chance to leave when Dad called for me.

When I arrived, Eine' was already courting some new lad. MacDuff, I think. He is quite a buffoon. Ah well, what can you say about women. I still don't know exactly what happened to Eine's husband, John. All Eine' will say is that he died.

I found that Jas had a lovely wife, Molly and being a Captain, well, Dad will be so proud, I doubt he'll care that Jas is not going back to the seminary. He also inherited some lovely grandkids in the joining. I love my niece and nephew. Thomas is cute as hell and he's a clever little fellow. Brigit is a blossoming young lady who's going to break the hearts of all the lads when she comes of age.

I decided after being here a bit that I liked it a whole lot more than the seminary. There are lots of good-looking lasses in camp to catch your eye. I enlisted after only a few days. I figured that way Dad couldn't call me home. I'm hoping he might buy me a commission someday. Right now I'm a pikeman but I hope to be Ensign one day. I've been practicing with my brothers' ensign and I've gotten pretty good with it.

For now I'm here but Jas tells me I'll have to ship off and go to Pomerania. We'll pickup new camp followers there and it's off to war. It's much more exciting than writing all day long and reading the bible. It seems a great adventure to me!