Clann Tartan - (Corrwin MacLean)


Clann Tartan Character Sketches

  Corrwin MacLean
From: Corrwin MacLean, Sergeant of Pike.
Regiment of Colonel Gaffney.

Dearest Katie,

I write to you and hope you know how much I have missed you these two years. I had grown restless there at home in the highlands. It was good to be back on the field of battle, but there has not been a day that goes by that I do not think of you with the sun in your hair, your soft skin and your gentle touch. I had met with Capt. James Gordon who recently returned from the Highlands and he happily relayed events from back home. When I enquired about you he knew exactly who you were and informed me that there was some French Ensign there who had his eye on you. I know that you would never be swayed by the likes of him. Besides the lack of honor and character shown by being shot for forging the Captainís name on day passes. Typical of the French to enlist the likes of such low character.

I do have news, and I donít want you to worry because it not all together bad, but I have been wounded. At our last battle I had taken a musket shot to the leg. Luckily I did not loose it, but it is bad enough to where my days of a field soldier are done. The Captain did take favor on me and was very impressed by the way that I could instruct the other new soldiers that would come in. "I do not wish to loose someone of your merit and lineage" he says to me ,knowing what he does of my father. So heís sending me back to you! Thatís right, I am to serve under Captain Ferguson recruiting in the Highlands again. Most importantly, to be with you.

I had always thought that I would be a soldier and to die the way a soldier does, stricken on the field in a glorious battle, dying for King and Country. I know now after meeting you that seems a lonely way to die. I wish to end my days knowing that I have known the love of a women and have children to carry on my name. To leave something more behind than stories of a brave soldier , in a brave battle, who died bravely and nothing else but worn out boots. I hope you realize what it is Iím asking you. I want it to be your love that I know. I want you to be my wife. You need not answer at this time my love. Iím to be given thirty days leave that I will use most of to see my family on Mull Island in the village of Tabomuri. There I will tell my mother of my intentions for us and ask that you join me there with your answer. If your answer be yes, then a great gathering will be held and a proper feast for the celebration. Now I see what a new life can be with you and I.

Please meet me and say yes.

Your Love Always,