Clann Tartan - (Louis Valjean )


Clann Tartan Character Sketches

  Louis Valjean
My name is Louis Valjean, once a respected officer in the the French military, now a lowly corporal and in the company of rag-a-muffin bunch of Scotsman who try to play the act of being soldiers. How is it that a man of my character and good standing came to be in this ( how shall I put it lightly) uncouth, unorganized, unsanitary, and completely unbearable situation?

Well if I think back to when things we're really going well, it was the year 1628, I was with the Royalist troops that took the Huguenot fortress of La Rochelle, where I saved the life of my captain, Gerand Marechal. He was about to be run through from behind when I raised a pistol that I had taken of a fallen enemy and shot him( shh don't tell anyone, looting from the dead is so distasteful). At any rate I was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and became very good friends with the captain. Things were good, but not much was happening at that point. I got a little bored and found other ways to distract myself, there were plenty of parties to go to and at these parties I found out the benefits to being an officer, other that ordering others to make my life easier, but the wine and women oh mondure, I had found my heaven.

A year had passed with hazy memories of parties, stumbling home with a female in tow sometimes two. My captain had received word that after the treaty signing of Lubeck, arranged by Cardinal Richelieu, that he was in contact with his royal highness king Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden and that they had decided to improve relations between our two nations and that a goodwill trade between the military was a good idea. (nobody had asked my opinion on that one). I was to find this out the next day. That night I was: you guessed it: at a party where I had introduced myself to a lovely lady and offered to share a bottle of brandy on the veranda under the stars and a little privacy. She eagerly accepted and off we went. Later we were discovered much more to my surprise than hers by her husband, "The Mayor" (oops). Luckily on the first floor I jumped and landed at a run, or in my condition a stumble, roll, crawl, stagger then a run to my home.

The next morning I was called to my captains office and he informed me that the mayor had been to see him in a very fowl mood about one of my officers floundering with his wife and wanting the captain to turn him over and ramblings of cutting off parts of his anatomy and doing other things to him that are most unpleasant to think about and I won't get into at this time. My captain looked at me and told me that I have been a good soldier and a good friend, he then told me of the Cardinals letter and that he was looking for volunteers. I was very afraid of where this was going. He told me Scotland, he may as well slapped me in the face, but I knew that if I stayed, the mayor would find me eventually. The captain also informed me that there were no lieutenant spots open I surprisingly assumed with the smile on my captains face that I would be promoted and that didn't seem so bad after all, so I officially volunteered. The captain sat down with a smile and said," Thank you so much for volunteering "Corporal". I left his office and could here the laughter through the door.

Now I am in this fringed country with bad food, uncomfortable beds, music that sounds the same as squeezing a cat, I have to carry around this big gun, but the women offer some comfort to my situation but I still believe that someone up there doesn't like me.