Clann Tartan - (Meaghan Mac Domhnaill Thompson )


Clann Tartan Character Sketches

  Meaghan Mac Domhnaill Thompson
My name is Meaghan Mac Domhnaill Thompson I was born in County Antrim in Ireland where I met me husband Cavan Thompson of the Clan MacTavish in me hometown o' Carrickfergus, whaur he cam working for a trader. We handfasted and stayed in Ireland for a fair muckle years and stertit to raise a faimly. But syne work cam scarce roon' here, sae ma man decided tae tak us hame tae Scotland. I wis happy eneuch as I kent hoo he missed his hameland.

Upon arriving in Scotland, the weans an' I steyed wi' his mither whiles he went leuking for work. But he was haein' quite some boather findin' ony. Wurd cam tae the toon that there was siller tae be had as a sojer fechtin' for King Aldophus on the continent. Cavan didnae want tae leave us, bit his hert was breakin' no being able to support us as he thocht he should, so he enlistit wi the group o' men under Colonel Gaffney. The regiment shipped him ower tae the continent efter his training. I have been working as a gudewife, cooking and helping tae tak tent o' basic needs of the sojers since my husband left tae fecht..Early this spring wurd wis sent that my man had tin't his life in the service o' King Adolphus. I continue tae follow the camp an' do whit I can tae keep busy as I receive my widow's pension.