Clann Tartan - (Molly Gordon)


Clann Tartan Character Sketches

  Molly Gordon
My name is Molly Gordon. I was born in the north of Eire'. I do not remember the name of the town since my dad was on the move most of the time. He was a tailor and would travel around to make enough to survive. My ma was not happy with the life and went home to Eire'. I stayed with my dad and learned the trade traveling through the north of Scotland.

Dad was a drinker and foolish with our funds, but I was able to keep some of it away from him. When we finally arrived in Edinburgh, I had saved enough for us to buy a small shop. By then, I knew the business and I was able to handle most of it while dad drank his life away.

I met a Polish military officer who was passing through and stopped in to have a new uniform made. His name was Artos Roskoviak. He took a fancy to me and knowing that dad would not be around forever and being that it was no easy thing to try to keep property if you're a woman, I accepted when he asked me to marry him. He shipped off shortly after the marriage. I was with child. I bore a beautiful baby daughter. I called her Brigit after the goddess herself. Catholic or no, it doesn't hurt to pay homage to the old gods.

Artos returned again 3 years after Brigit was born and by the time he left a few months later, I was with child again. I gave birth to a strong and handsome son. I named him Thomas after one of the apostles.

I never saw Artos again. The last and only message I received on his behalf said he'd been crushed to death by a beer keg. I was told that he walked behind a beer wagon and the horse pulling the wagon reared loosing the huge barrels atop it. It's sad and a wee bit funny when I think about it now since, Artos never touched the drink. Because he died, I received a widow's pension and that was a help.

Dad was not holding up too well. He'd taken to bed and was keeping me from business. I loved the old man even though he was a drunkard. I cared for him as best I could and used most of the pension. It was a very sad day when he finally died.

I knew the local laird would be coming soon to try and take what I had. I asked some of my well to do customer to help keep him away as best they could. They were more than happy to oblige. Things were beginning to look desperate. I did my best to keep my spirits up so the children wouldn't lose heart after having to lose their grandpa.

One day a gift from heaven walked in the door in the form of a handsome young mercenary Ensign. His name was James Gordon. I was attracted to him immediately and we got off to quite a talk. He ordered a suit and promised to let the lads know that there was a good tailor. When he came back he took quite a shine to the children. I never believed in love at first sight but there it was gazing back at me with lovely amber-brown eyes. We had a short courtship and he was going to have to leave soon. He assured me he would be returning again soon to get more new recruits.

I closed the doors on the shop in Edinburgh temporarily and left it in good hands so I could stay in camp with James until he was forced to leave. It was also convenient to set up a temporary shop and make uniforms for the new recruits and the officers.

I've made many friends in camp and my children have others to play with when I'm not making them write their letters and numbers. I was one of the lucky few who taught themselves to read and write. I suppose it was one of the things that attracted the Gordon's son. I will miss everyone and I'm thinking of taking on one or two of my friends to help with the business. I beg Brigit watch over James' soul when he crosses the sea.