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The Sutler's Cart

We're starting to offer a few items for sale through the Clann Tartan Web Site! For now we have a few Clann Tartan items, we hope to keep adding more, including items from vendors associated with Clann Tartan as well.

We don't have anything as fancy as a shopping cart set up - so if you are interested in any of the items listed you will need to contact us to make payment and delivery arrangements. We are able to accept check or money order via snail mail (we are looking into being able to take credit card payments in the near future). And don't forget all proceeds go to support Clann Tartan's efforts to keep living history alive.

Here are the following items we currently offer:

Clann Tartan Items

Clann Tartan Newsletter Subscription

Part of the $20 annual membership. See our Membership Page

Clann Tartan "The Manual" Edition V

The Clann Tartan Manual is available either in printed format or in PDF format on a CD-ROM. $16.00 (plus applicable sales tax and shipping). BONUS! - the CD-ROM version includes PDF files of the 1st, 2nd and 4th editions of the Clann Tartan manual.

Minnesota residents will need to add 6.5% sales tax when purchasing either the manual or cookbook.

General Notes On Shipping

The following information is just an estimate. Please contact us with your order and we will figure the exact shipping charges. All items are sent via USPS unless other arrangements are made.

For a single CD, add $1 to cover shipping and handling.
For either a cookbook or manual add $4, add $1 for a second book.
A single book and CD can be shipped together for $4

parading with the St. Andrew's Cross
parading with the St. Andrew's Cross